Living Traditions: KlezKamp

The original KlezKamp! “KlezKamp: The Yiddish Folk Arts Program” (now having completed its 17th consecutive year)allows participants to learn Yiddish, klezmer music, Yiddish dance, culture, language and arts. The camp is usually held the week between Christmas and New Year’s, and recently has located to Cherry Hill, NJ. It’s an exciting week filled with music, dance, food, freilach and fun. Lots of interesting people attend to learn, be with family and friends, have a good time, just be Jewish or learn Yiddish culture. Everyone from frum to new age feel comfortable at KlezKamp, and a fascinating mix of people attend each year. Expert teachers for the music divisions with master classes for the advanced students. Adult and children’s activities and classes.
Henry Sapoznik, Director
Sherry Mayrent, Associate Director
Dan Peck, Operations
Cynthia Pierce, Office Manager