Places to study Jewish Music: Courses outside Israel

Brandeis University

NEJS184b. Joshua Jacobson. The Music of the Jewish People.
An investigation into the roles that music has played in Jewish life from ancient to modern times, including music in the time of the Bible, Rabbinic attitudes, prayer and scriptural cantillation, music in the Diaspora, polyphony in the synagogue, Jewish concert music, music in the Holocaust, in modern Israel, and in 20th century America. Usually offered every third year.

Living Traditions: KlezKamp

The original KlezKamp! “KlezKamp: The Yiddish Folk Arts Program” (now having completed its 17th consecutive year)allows participants to learn Yiddish, klezmer music, Yiddish dance, culture, language and arts. The camp is usually held the week between Christmas and New Year’s, and recently has located to Cherry Hill, NJ. It’s an exciting week filled with music, dance, food, freilach and fun. Lots of interesting people attend to learn, be with family and friends, have a good time, just be Jewish or learn Yiddish culture. Everyone from frum to new age feel comfortable at KlezKamp, and a fascinating mix of people attend each year. Expert teachers for the music divisions with master classes for the advanced students. Adult and children’s activities and classes.
Henry Sapoznik, Director
Sherry Mayrent, Associate Director
Dan Peck, Operations
Cynthia Pierce, Office Manager

Occasional Courses

SOAS University of London KlezFest London Annual Summer School (2004 dates 8-12 August) Now in its fourth year, KlezFest London has become the place to study the uplifting and poignant music, song and dance of Eastern European Jewish life. The faculty are all the very top musicians, singers and teachers from America and from Eastern Europe. They are the pioneers of the Klezmer Revival as well as the links to the past. Their knowledge and expertise conjure up the warm and intense Yiddish culture in dance classes, lectures, workshops, masterclasses, performances and jams from 9am till after midnight. The students – instrumentalists and singers of all ages and backgrounds – gather from all parts the world, brought together by a common passion for Jewish Music. There is expert tuition in instrumental and ensemble playing and for existing bands.