Kremer, Isa

Born in Beltz, Bessarabia. 21 October 1887. Died Cordoba, Argentia, 7 July 1956. Possibly the first women to bring Yiddish song to the concert stage in Russia, was known as an international balladist. Married Israel Heifetz and had one daughter, Toussia, 1917. Yiddish singer and opera star. She studied in Italy, and came to US. Operatic debut in La Boheme in 1902. Joined a group of intellectuals in Odessa with her husand and began to sing Yiddish songs. Due to the Russian revolution, escaped to Poland and then to America. Represented by Sol Hurok for her American debut at Carnegie Hall 29 October, 1922. Sang also in vaudeville Palace Theatre debut in 1927. “Mein Shtetle Belz” was written for her by Olshanetsky and Jacobs for the show “Song of the Ghetto.” Traveled throughout Canada and US on concert tours. In a tour of Argentina in late 1930s met Gregorio Bermann. In 1938, moved to Argentina. Isa Kremer sang on the stage in many languages, including Yiddish. She was widely covered by the press; both English and Yiddish reviews of her concerts appeared all over the US, Europe and South America. Her papers are held in Buenos Aires Jewish Center. To read a more complete essay on the life and work of Isa Kremer, open this pdf file.