Kornberg, Mindy S.

Born in Brooklyn, 1955, living in Jerusalem, Israel since 1978. Wrote the music and English lyrics for all the songs in the CD “Music from the Mountain: a Jewish Holiday Jam with the Soultune Singers”. (2000) which utilizes sounds of American country, klezmer, jazz, reggae and other styles. Available at www.cdbaby.com/soultune. 1st prize winner of the 5th AACI English Song Festival held in Jerusalem for her song “How do you get to Carnegie Hall (or who the heck is Gerard Bechar?)”. She won 3rd prize for song “Echoes of Memories” which was performed by Judith Paul Litov and Rachel Jaskow at the 4th AACI Festival held in Beersheva. At the 2001 Voices (English poets in Israel) Song Competition her song “Daughter Voices” won first prize (accompanied by Rachel Jaskow, Judith Litov and Naomi Attias). For more information, email: