Hazamir Choir of Helsinki –Judiska Sangforeningen rf

The purpose of the Hazamir Helsinki Choir is to maintain and promote the Jewish musical tradition. Hazamir is a mixed voice choir, and has been since 1917. Singers come both from Helsinki’s Jewish congregation along with members of other music groups. Today, the choir s repertoire consists mainly of Hebrew and Yiddish language songs. Additionally, the choir sings songs in Finnish, Swedish, and, more recently, in Russian. A large part of the choir s Yiddish language repertoire is arranged for this choir and, therefore, unique. The Choir s long-time director, Eva Jacob, has made a number of arrangements for the choir, and also brought the Russian-Jewish tradition of choral singing into their repertoire. The Choir appears regularly and is active in a range of festivals and music events. The Hazamir Helsinki Choir brings to the general public an awareness of this great musical tradition. The Hazamir Helsinki Choir is available for events and for a performances in and around Helsinki.

A history of this Finnish Jewish choir online.