Gastrophonic Stimulation III

Gastrophonic StimulationGastrophonic Stimulation III
April 2, 2008
Matza means Freedom + Bondage
The Organization For Unfunded Culture
Party – Night of Mayhem
Thursday, April 2, 2009
Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery (Between Houston and Bleecker)
New York, NY

Gastrophonic Stimulation.
Food Music. Nu, what else do you need ?
In our ongoing exploitations of Faith and the Calendar, we arrive to Passover. A holiday devoted to the themes of Freedom and Bondage. Too good to pass up, no ?

Imagine a Shangri La of Sense Stimulation. A raucous party where New York’s most infamous chefs prepare you tongue-exploding morsels. Your ears are serenaded with virtuosic outlandish riffs from songs your elementary school choir used to sing. It is a holiday through the looking glass. It is a Celebration. It tastes amazing. It sounds like heaven.

That’s the plan. It is… Gastrophonic Stimulation. Food. Music. Nu, what else do you need?

Our chefs explore the fat and the thin, leavening and unleavening.

Our musicians explore songs of freedom and bondage, singing some of the best and worst songs ever written on the subject, played by a monster circus band.

Leah Koenig – food writer extraordinaire
Dory Kornfeld – champion apron maker
Erin Patinkin – blog maven and NY food expert

Rima Fand – violin
Lee Free – drums
Tina Richerson – sax
Benjy Fox-Rosen – bass
Yoshie Fruchter – guitar
Carmen Staaf – accordion
Noah Kaplan- sax
Greg Squared – instruments
Sarah Gordon – vox
Asher Siebert – tpt
Petr Cancurra – sax
Jake Shulman Ment – violin
Avi Fox-Rosen – Impresario, MC, spontaneous conduction, induction and transfusion, vox

A product of The Organization For Unfunded Culture, with assistance from Leah Koenig and Avi Fox-Rosen.

A Mere $12 for Unparalleled Satisfaction !!!