Breslov Bar Band “Have No Fear” Anniversary Concert

Breslov Bar Band “Have No Fear” anniversary concert @ Drom
with Egypt 2000
Time: Tuesday, August 23 at 8:00pm
Location: Drom
85 Avenue A (bet 5th & 6th streets),
New York, NY
The $10 cover includes a copy of “Have No Fear”.

The Breslov Bar Band plays Traditional Eastern European Hasidic music reimagined, ranging from melancholy midnight meditations to full-throttle ecstatic dance.
Doors open at 7. Egypt 2000 at 8. Breslov Bar Band at 9.
What people are saying about “Have No Fear”:

“This CD is the happy answer to the question, ‘Five Breslovers walked into a bar…’ This is a fun, fun CD.” — Ari Davidow, Klezmer Shack

“Judging by this debut album, a formidable new band… The arrangements and interpretations lean towards funk and a very contemporary idiom, without ever losing the spiritual undertones and overtones of the Breslov material… The album is totally consistent and compelling, with not a weak track anywhere.” — Rainlore’s World of Music

“There’s a remarkable range of music in this set, from meditative pieces like ‘Adir Ayom,’ to the full throttle rock ‘n’ roll religious devotion expressed in ‘Ani Ohev Et HKB’H,’ to the reggae of ‘Mi Yiten’…” — Ottawa Jewish Bulletin

“The Breslov Bar Band is a perfect fusion of these two spheres — traditional Hasidic music on the one hand, and a thoroughly contemporary sensibility on the other… While the band moves between styles from song to song, the overall aesthetic is one of intelligent and energetic rock music, only with Jewish musical modalities rather than Blues as its foundation.” — Ezra Glinter, The Arty Semite

“One issue we may face today, though is how to access the sounds of the Jewish people’s past… Without our musical heritage contributing to those of our generation who are currently producing musical output, we risk severing today’s Jews from works of the past. Fortunately, there’s groups like the Breslov Bar Band…giving new voices to old melodies.” — Gideon Klionsky, Kfar Jewish Arts Center