Alpen Klezmer in New York in December

Andrea Pancur & Ilya Shneyveys feat. Lorin Sklamberg
Alpen Klezmer – The concert
Friday, December 21, 2012
8:00pm in UTC+01
376 9th St, Brooklyn, New York 11215
“Bavarian +Yiddish” or — “oompah meets kosher” It’s the end of the world and we’ll yodel along.

This is the Bavarian folk tradition at its best, combined with all the energy and sweet melancholy of klezmer. Andrea Pancur from the Bavarian capital of Munich and Ilya Shneyveys from Riga in Latvia get together to play their unique fusion of Bavarian and Yiddish music, dubbed “Alpen Klezmer” – Klezmer from the Alps. Both musicians have dedicated themselves to rediscovering the songs which both traditions once shared, have given them a good dusting off, and under the banner “Long live the kosher mountain yodler” have packed their rucksacks full of new and exciting material. The Yiddish Hora and the Bavarian Zwiefacher take each other by the hand and dance and spin and turn their way over the mountain peaks until the Alps glow to the Sound of Klezmer.

“An extraordinary, magical evening which brings any cultural barriers which might have been lurking in your head crashing right down”, says the Neue Presse.
The New York Grammy winner and Klezmatics singer Lorin Sklamberg even makes a guest yodelling appearance. Something to look forward to!
This project has been supported by the Arts Council of the LH Munich.
Andrea Pancur was the 2012 winner of the LH Munich’s Innovation in Folk Culture prize.