Alicia Svigal: It Would have Been Enough, But it Wasn’t. Now there’s More in April at John Zorn’s Stone place

At the Stone in NYC, 2nd St. and Ave C,
Violinist Alicia Svigals, a founder of the Grammy-winning Klezmatics
and the world’s best-known klezmer fiddler, is the curator for the
month of April at the Stone, John Zorn’s performance space on the
Lower East Side of Manhattan.

John Zorn, the composer who was recently awarded a MacArthur genius
grant, opened the Stone to provide a venue for the most creative new
music in New York. Each month he selects a different musician to
curate the series, and for April he asked Svigals to put together a
lineup that would tap into her eclectic and offbeat musical worlds.

The fifty acts Svigals booked revolve around three themes: Jewish
music, virtuoso female instrumentalist/improvisers/composers, and
all kinds of string music, traditional and contemporary. From an
electronic violist turning Bartok on his head to the lightning speed
of traditional Bulgarian fiddling; from a master of the traditional
klezmer clarinet to spontaneous 21st century keyboard explorations
of those ancient melodies, the month is a feast of the most
interesting music coming out of New York and beyond.

Svigals’ own shows are Saturday night April 7 and Friday night April
27; she’ll also be sitting in with a number of the artists
throughout the month. The week of the 9th spotlights klezmer and a
dozen great women artists take the stage from the 21st on.

For more information, see or contact Svigals at
1 212 222 2746 or

P.S. For more about Alicia, visit her website

April 2007 at the Stone —
curated by Alicia Svigals

4/1 Sunday
8 pm
The Carmen Staaf Quintet
Carmen Staaf (piano) Dana Sandler (voice) Dan Blake (tenor sax,
soprano sax)
Kendall Eddy (bass) Austin McMahon (drums)
The NYC debut of the Carmen Staaf Quintet will feature
Latin-jazz-influenced originals, new takes on swing and bebop tunes,
free conversations and other explorations.

10 pm
Ben Goldberg: New Music for Quintet
Carla Kihlstedt (violin) Rob Sudduth (tenor saxophone) Devin Hoff
(bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums) Ben Goldberg (clarinet, composition)
angle and particle.

Tuesday 8 pm
Olivier Manchon’s Orchestre de Chambre Miniature
Olivier Manchon (violin) John Ellis (clarinet, sax) Alan Hampton
(bass) Beth Meyers (viola) Christopher Hoffman (cello)

10 pm
Pamela Martinez (violin, vocals, piano) Brian Hamilton (piano,
keyboards) John Somers (guitar, electronics)
Textural Instrumentals and Visceral songs,

4/4 Wednesday
8 pm
Jim Matus (vocals, laouto, saz) Jill O’Brien (vocals) Joe O’Brien
(bass, vocals) Mike Keys (drums) Bill Buchen (tabla, percussion)
Record release party for MAWWAL’S new CD “Black Flies” on Ancient
Record. MAWWAL (formerly PARANOISE) performs original World Fusion
and arrangements of traditional Middle Eastern music in what has
been called “a new genre” by Progression Magazine.

10 pm
Violin-Clarinet Multi-Night
Mari Kimura (violin) Kinan Azmeh (clarinet)
multi-cultural, multi-media duos and solos

4/5 Thursday
8 pm
KJ Denhert—Lucky 7, The New CD Concert
KJ Denhert (guitar, vocals, songwriter) Mamdou Ba (bass) Ray Levier
(drums) ATN (keys) plus special guests from the CD!
Urban folk and jazz artist KJ Denhert makes her first NY appearance
in 2007 with a brand new CD called Lucky 7. All CDs one night only
to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of KJ’s label and her seventh

10 pm
Steve Sandberg and friends
Steve Sandberg (voice)
Spoken word, raga-influenced vocals, breath-controlled keyboard,
loops plus friends tba – “music from a country I’ve never been to
but always wanted to visit.”

4/6 Friday
8 pm
Noriko Ueda Jazz Orchestra
Noriko Ueda (composition, bass) 16 piece band

10 pm
Ivan Milev Band
Ivan Milev (accordion) Entcho Todorov (violin) Maria Koleva (vocals)
Panagiotis Andreou (bass) Vasko Angelov (guitar) Seido Salifovski
Monster accordionist Ivan Milev and his band perform
Bulgarian-Balkan folk music. Check out:

4/7 Saturday
8 pm
John Zorn Improv Night—a Stone Benefit
John Zorn (sax) and many surprise guests
Come out and support The Stone! Twenty Dollars

10 pm
Alicia Svigals and Uli Geissendorfer, with special guest Iliya
Magalnyk—a Stone Benefit
Alicia Svigals (violin) Uli Geissendorfer (piano) Iliya Magannyk
Musicians from three points on the globe take a sidelong look at
klezmer. A Benefit for the Stone!

4/8 Sunday
8 pm
Songs Your Grandmother Might Know, If Your Grandmother is Hip: The
Matt Glaser Quintet.
Matt Glaser (violin) Matt Munisteri (guitar) Sonny Barbato
(accordion) Heather Masse (vocal) Jim Whitney (bass)

10 pm
Pablo Aslan’s “Anda Cantale
Pablo Aslan (bass)and his ensemble
The Argentine bassist explores the repertoire of the great tango
singer Carlos Gardel.

4/10 Tuesday
8 pm
Alex Kontorovich’s Deep Minor
Aaron Alexander (drums) Brandon Seabrook (guitar/banjo) Reuben
Radding (bass) Alex Kontorovich (clarinet, sax, compositions)
All original music from Kontorovich (sideman to Frank London’s
Klezmer Brass All-Stars and Aaron Alexander’s Midrash Mish Mosh)
mixes downtown klezmer, jazz, and other influences.

10 pm
Michael Winograd’s Infection
Michael Winograd, Jessica Lurie, Petr Cancura, Jeremy Udden (reeds)
Daniel Blacksberg (trombone) Jon Singer (xylophone) Brandon Seabrook
(guitar) Jorge Roeder (bass) Jason Nazary (drums) Patrick Farrell
(accordion) Frank London (trumpet)

4/11 Wednesday
8 pm
Michael Winograd’s Klezmer Ensemble
Michael Winograd (clarinet, alto clarinet) Daniel Blacksberg
(trombone) Carmen Staaf (piano, accordion) Joey Weisenberg
(mandolin) Nick Cudahy (bass) Richie Barshay (percussion)

10 pm
Susan Watts (of Hoffman Klezmer Dynasty) and Rob Schwimmer (of
Polygraph Lounge)
Rob Schwimmer (piano) Susan Hoffman Watts (voice, trumpet)
Erotic Jewish Night Dreams:Inspirational Explorations.

4/12 Thursday
8 pm
Ghetto Tango
Adrienne Cooper (voice) Zalmen Mlotek (piano)
Adrienne Cooper and Zalmen Mlotek bring electrifying theatricality
to the unknown satiric, down and dirty, and heartbroken repertoire
of World War II European Jewish cabarets—from Yiddish to Weill &

10 pm
Socalled and guests
Socalled (accordion, mpc, melodica, piano, vocals) Susan
Hoffman-Watts (trumpet) Allen Watsky (guitar, bass) Micheael
Winograd (clarinet) and Special Guests.
Josh Dolgin aka Socalled and his rag tag group of friends, will
raise the Stone’s roof with a klez-funk party unlike anything else.

4/13 Friday
8 pm
Lily White and Follicle
Lily White (saxes) Rob Garcia (drums) Greg Jones (bass)
Crazy music from the mind of saxophonist Lily White in her most
compact group yet.

10 pm
Cynthia Hilts & Lyric Fury
Cynthia Hilts (composer, piano, voice) Jack Walrath (trumpet) Lily
(tenor and alto sax) Lisa Parrott
(baritone and soprano sax) Debra Weisz
(trombone) Martha Colby (cello) Ratzo Harris (bass) Gene Jackson
New jazz that nods at the traditions,swings like hell and searches
the deepest harmonic zones. Howls and lullabies, ice and predators
are all in there, the perfect answer to a listener’s natural raving
desire for organic and furious lyricism.

4/14 Saturday
8 pm
Beth Bahia Cohen: Traditional Arabic Music
Beth Bahia Cohen (violin and other bowed string instruments) and

10 pm
Midnight Prayer
Joel Rubin (clarinet) Pete Rushefsky (tsimbl/hammered dulcimer)
World renowned klezmer clarinetist Joel Rubin gives a rare NY
performance of duets with leading tsimbl revivalist Pete Rushefsky
from their new CD Midnight Prayer (Traditional Crossroads).

4/15 Sunday
8 pm
Mimi Rabson and Bruno Raberg
Mimi Rabson (violin) Bruno Raberg (bass)
Compositional Improvisation and Improvised Compositons

10 pm
The Ingrid Jensen Quartet
Ingrid Jensen (trumpet and electronics) and band

4/17 Tuesday
8 pm
Greg Wall’s Later Prophets
Greg Wall (saxophones) Shai Bachar (keyboards) David Richards (bass)
Aaron Alexander (drums)
Simultaneously Straddling the Gates of the Ancient and the

10 pm
Quartetto Cui Bono
Art Bailey (accordion, piano) Peter Van Huffel (sax) Ernesto Cervini
(drums) Michael Bates (bass) special guest Alicia Svigals (violin)
An evening of new music.

4/18 Wednesday
8 pm
Mark Sganga and Friends
Mark Sganga (guitar) and friends
Acoustic improvisations with a Brazilian accent.

10 pm
Stephane Wrembel Acoustic
Stephane Wrembel (guitar) Jared Engel (bass) David Langlois
Monster Guitarist Stephane Wrembel and his band perform the music of
Django Reinhardt in their own special way, blended with compositions
and colors from India and Africa; each show is a different trip!

4/19 Thursday
8 pm
Michael Winograd Quintet
Michael Winograd (clarinet, alto clarinet) Kristin Slipp (voice)
David Bryant (casio keyboards) Michael Bates (bass) Michael Evans

10 pm
Bangalore Breakdown
Uli Geissendoerfer (piano, keys, percussion) Premik Russel Tubbs
(sax, flute, windsynth) Gino Sitson (vocals) Beat Kaestli (vocals)
Steve Sandberg (leadsynth, vocals) Naren Budhakar (tabla) Gilad
Dobrecky (percussion) Nathan Peck (bass) Lev Zhurbin (viola)

4/20 Friday
8 pm
Juanito Pascual and Friends
Jonathan “Juanito” Pascual (flamenco guitar) Rohan Gregory (violin)
Stan Strickland (flute, soprano sax, vocals) Jerry Leake (world
Flamenco guitar virtuoso Jonathan “Juanito” Pascual presents an
evening of original flamenco music and beyond, with his quartet
featuring 3 of the East Coast’s finest improvisational and
world-music players. “One of the hottest flamenco guitarists to
emerge in recent years” -National Public Radio

10 pm
Stephane Wrembel Electric
Stephane Wrembel (guitar) Jared Engel (bass) Mathias Bublath (organ)
Julien Augier (drums)
Monster Guitarist Stephane Wrembel and his new electric band
presents the music of Django Reinhardt and his compositions in a
totally new way, blending their unique Gypsy jazz touch with a
psychedelic world rock sound.

4/21 Saturday
8 pm
Jessica Lurie Ensemble
Jessica Lurie (sax, accordion, vocals) Erik Deutsch (piano, electric
keyboard) Brandon Seabrook (banjo, guitar) Todd Sickafoose (bass)
Marc Dalio (drums)

10 pm
Aaron Alexander (drums) David Licht (drums) Fima Ephron (bass) Jay
Vilnai (guitar) Alex Kontorovich (clarinet) Greg Wall (tenor sax,
clarinet) Rob Henke (trumpet) Curtis Hasselbring (trombone)

4/22 Sunday
8 pm
Susan Pereira and Sabor Brasil
Susan Pereira (vocals, piano, percussion), Vanderlei Pereira
(drums), Rodrigo Ursaia (sax, flute), Cliff Korman (piano),
Itaiguara (bass)

10 pm
Edison Woods
“Truly beautiful, slowly meandering soundscapes… A beautiful voice
and a talent for melodies.” — Rolling Stone
Strange, haunting, and romantic, Edison Woods revels in luscious,
sad songs. Singer Julia Frodahl’s heavenly vocals layered on the
bands’ moody chamber pop create “a beautiful cross between the
sounds of Elysian Fields and the sentiments of David Lynch”
(Flavorpill NYC). Live, their musical passages, spoken word, and
discreet gestures sweep the audience into their dreamlike world.

4/24 Tuesday
8 pm
Martha Mooke’s VIOLA X-TREME
Martha Mooke (electric violas/violins) Randolph A. Hudson, III
(electric guitars) Jim Mussen (electronic drums)
Music for Strings, Percussion and …. Rollover Bartok! Support the
future of music at The Stone!

10 pm
The Lisa Parrott Trio
Lisa Parrott (saxophones) Chris Lightcap (double bass) Gerald
Cleaver (drums)
Lisa & Chris have been performing in NY together for over 10 years,
playing harmolodic inspired original improvised music. Their Stone

4/25 Wednesday
8 pm
The Sheryl Bailey 3
Sheryl Bailey (guitar/pen) Brian Charette (organ) Shingo Okudairu
The Sheryl Bailey 3 carries on the tradition of the Hammond
B3/Guitar trio into modernity with a contemporary harmonic approach
and a captivating pulse.

10 pm
Adrienne Cooper, Friends and Relations
Adrienne Cooper (voice) Michael Winograd (clarinet, piano) Dan
Blacksberg (trombone)
Vocalist Adrienne Cooper is joined by clarinetist Michael Winograd,
trombonist Dan Blacksberg, Yiddish Princess Sarah Gordon and others
for an intergenerational Yiddish intervention.

4/26 Thursday
8 pm
Lerner/Alexander Quartet
Marilyn Lerner (piano) Aaron Alexander (drums) Greg Wall (sax) Jim
Guttman (bass)
Premiere performance of this all-star jazz/jewish ensemble…

10 pm
Ingrid Gordon (xylophone, marimba, percussion) Ljova (viola)
Demetrius Spaneas (reeds) and others
This unlikely instrument combination cooks up a set of xylo-powered,
wind-driven world fusion featuring tunes by überviolist Ljova, along
with assorted balkan and klez faves.

4/27 Friday
8 pm
Alicia Svigals and Marilyn Lerner: Klezmer Unfettered
Alicia Svigals (violin) Marilyn Lerner (piano)
Alicia Svigals is klezmer’s most celebrated violinist; Marilyn
Lerner is a jazz keyboard virtuoso who resides in Canada. They join
forces at the Stone to take on the klezmer tradition and twist it
into shapes hitherto unimagined, spinning symphonies on the fly out
of sounds from the Eastern European Jewish past.

10 pm
Shake My Heart Like a Copper Bell-the poetry of Anna Margolin
Adrienne Cooper (voice) Marilyn Lerner (piano) with special guests
Lerner’s song cycle to amazing Yiddish poet Margolin, translations
and vocals by the legendary Adrienne Cooper with everything from
lieder to freeform…

4/28 Saturday
8 pm
Andy Biskin and friends
Andy Biskin (clarinet, compositions) with special guests

10 pm
Terry Dame’s Electric Junkyard Gamelan
Terry Dame, Lee Frisari, Mary Feaster, Kim Garey, Julian Hintz
(invented instruments)
Original rhythm driven music on invented instruments. Funky
basslines, searing modal melodies and layers of interlocking rhythms
played on musical contraptions such as the Rubarp, Sitello,
Kacapitar and the Big Barp. It’s far out and in the pocket!

4/29 Sunday
8 pm
Romanian Bent—Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi featuring Elizabeth Schwartz
Yale Strom (violin) Sprocket (bass) Peter Stan (accordion) David
Licht (drums) Elizabeth Schwartz (vocals)
Schwartz is fresh from her concert tour of Romania and Hungary
(singing with Muzsikas), which was filmed for an upcoming
documentary by Radu Gabrea.

10 pm
Lou Grassi (drums) Ken Filiano (bass) Marilyn Lerner (piano)

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