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Music for Deep Movement

Music for Deep Movement, Vol. 1
A new album release of original music composed by Yuval Ron

Experimental ambient slow evolving, trance inducing and all around great music for
movers, dancers, meditators and contemplators who search the deeper levels of
reality and beyond. Using organic and some electronic sounds compose,r Yuval Ron,
creates music beyond borders. Music from the Kalpa – a site specific performance at
the Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA on January 20, 2012, commissioned by Hirokazu
Kosaka and the soundtrack of the film Em Moves by director Hanna Heiting.

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Phone Orders: 818-505-1355

Click to see the Yuval Ensemble perform a stunning Qawwali version of “Allah Hou”

European Cantors Association Report

Against the backdrop of the distinct possibility that chazanut and Jewish
liturgical music will become a fading remnant of a once traditional world
within Anglo Jewry, European and UK cantors assembled in Manchester for the
7th Annual European Cantors Convention. This took place from 2 – 5 July
2012, and hosted the launch of the European Cantors Association (ECA).

This new platform gave young cantors fresh resolve to engage with the
challenges they face. Working ECA Groups are being established in the North,
in London and in Europe to deal with local issues. A study day on the High
Holidays has been held in Manchester. The 2013 Convention is being planned
for London possibly with Dudu Fisher as guest. There is a growing group of
rabbinic supporters.…

The Pianos I Have Known

Released this past week: “The Pianos I Have Known: The Autobiography Of Irving Fields”
Collaboratively written between 94 year old Irving Fields and Huffington Post
music columnist Tony Sachs
( and edited and released by music critic
Aaron Joy through his indie book publishing and music label Roman Midnight Music

The book is currently available only in paperback via Lulu, and on Amazon.

“He’s [Fields] the composer of chart-topping songs performed by the likes of Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughan and Xavier Cugat… one of the original Manhattan “society” cocktail
pianists whose career stretches back to the days of Prohibition… whose sister
Peppy was known as the Sophie Tucker of Miami Beach due to her long running radio
show… the originator of one of the first piano-drum-bass trios, with a later trio
lasting nearly 40 years… the man who first fused Jewish and Latin music with the
classic 1959 album “Bagels & Bongos”… a headliner at Carnegie Hall, top draw on
round-the-world cruises, star of radio and TV, and writer/performer of a hit song on
YouTube… and he’s still playing six nights a week as he approaches his 100th
birthday… This is the life of a Jewish kid from the Lower East Side who hated
practicing piano.” He’s also the inspiration behind the writing of
the book ‘And You Shall Know Us By The Trail Of Our Vinyl’ about Jewish music
history and the first release by the ReBoot Stereophonic jazz reissue label.…

Auditions for JPPC

Auditions are coming up for the new season of The Jewish People’s Philharmonic Chorus, the Yiddish chorus
in New York City, conducted by Binyumen Schaechter. No knowledge of Yiddish required.

Auditions for the 2012/2013 season for the
Jewish People’s Philharmonic Chorus / JPPC will be held on the evenings of September 4, 5 and 6, 2012,
from 6:00 to 8:30 PM at The Marseilles, 230 West 103 St, New York City.
Auditions by appointment only.
Email Lisa at

If unavailable on any of the 3 eves listed above,
please contact Lisa to schedule another time.

The JPPC performs only in Yiddish. Knowledge of Yiddish is *not* required to sing in the Chorus.
Lyrics are in English transliteration. Word-for-word translations are provided. Ability to read musical notes or sight-sing is beneficial.…