European Cantors Association Report

Against the backdrop of the distinct possibility that chazanut and Jewish
liturgical music will become a fading remnant of a once traditional world
within Anglo Jewry, European and UK cantors assembled in Manchester for the
7th Annual European Cantors Convention. This took place from 2 – 5 July
2012, and hosted the launch of the European Cantors Association (ECA).

This new platform gave young cantors fresh resolve to engage with the
challenges they face. Working ECA Groups are being established in the North,
in London and in Europe to deal with local issues. A study day on the High
Holidays has been held in Manchester. The 2013 Convention is being planned
for London possibly with Dudu Fisher as guest. There is a growing group of
rabbinic supporters. There may be a lost generation – but time is of the
essence to reach future generations in order to safeguard the future of
Jewish liturgical music.

There is a full report of the Convention organised by Alex Klein with
pictures on the new website This
site also gives the evolving mission and aims of ECA. You can see its
activities; join the Association (£10 a year) and join the Facebook pages
for ECA from the homepage. There are also reviews and articles that were
formerly on the JMI Cantorial Branch website. Your comments and feedback
will be welcome.

Interested cantors and others are invited to attend the London Group meeting on Wednesday 31 October
at 5.30pm at Central Synagogue, 40 Hallam Street, W1N 6NW, which will be
followed after refreshments by a talk by Professor Joseph Levine of
Philadelphia (the editor of the Journal of Synagogue Music). Register your
interest by emailing
and further details will be sent to you and posted on the website in due course.

Alex Klein, ECA Convenor
Steven Leas London Group Convenor
Barbara Rosenberg and Geraldine Auerbach MBE, ECA Exec