The Jerusalem Lyric Trio

Amalia Ishak, soprano; Wendy Eisler-Kashy, flute; and Allan Sternfield, piano are the trio’s performers. The Jerusalem Lyric Trio is an Israeli ensemble that highlights the religious and cultural heritage of the Jewish people in its performances. Since 1995, they have performed our programs throughout Western and Eastern Europe, the United States, South America, Russia, and of course, Israel.
The Trio’s repertoire, in addition to familiar classical repertoire, includes works inspired by biblical texts, Jerusalem, the landscape of Israel, the Holocaust, and familiar songs (in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino). They have represented Israel in international music festivals, including the Old Testament in the Arts (Prague), Judische Kulturtage (Munich), Musical Spring in St. Petersburg (Russia), The Eighth International New Music Festival (Riga, Latvia), Encuentros (Buenos Aires), Concentus Moravaie (Czech Republic) and the Budapest Spring Festival 2000. The Trio released a CD in 2001 entitled “If I Forget You, O Jerusalem”.
For information contact:JERUSALEM LYRIC TRIO
tel/fax 972 9 7669415