The American Seminary for Contemporary Judaism

New Cantorial school which has finished its first year of teaching the art of Chazzanut. Located at the Baldwin Jewish Center in Baldwin, New York. The Seminary is new,having opened in October, 2004, but it is affiliated with the Jewish Ministers Cantors Association of America (JMCA) which was foundin 1896 as the Hazanim Farband iand is the oldest cantorial association in the United Sttes. The JMCA will serve all denominations of Jewish cantors. One of the main advocacies of the group will be the preservation of nusach. The program of study is based on the “nuts and bolts” of what cantors need to know. The perspective is essentially Orthodox, although the Conservative and Reform perspective are also explained to students. The Seminary is at 885 East Seaman Avenue, Baldwin, NY 11510. Contact by phone: 516-223-0375 or visit: