Tapuah beDvash

Folk group “Tapuah beDvash” was created last year in Israel from experienced and popular musicians of Israel. P.Levin – string player- soloist of Israel chamber orchestra (Tel-aviv). U. Chernishev – guitar player- musician in jazz band of Tel-aviv. A. Egorov – double bass-balalaika player, musician in Bar-Ilan orchestra of east music. V. Fridman- popular player of national wind instruments. A. Geyko- The leader of the group and compositions’ writer play of ethnic wind and percussion instruments. The concert program of “Tapuah beDvash” is formed on Jewish folklore with elements Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Moldavian, Greek and Turkish folklore. The peculiarity of this group distinguishes it from klezmer music in that there are not only traditional instruments (string, guitar, clarinet, small drum), byt the musicians use many other interesting ethnic instruments (wind instruments- koval, fluer, Akkorini, Sopeli, Volinka, Halili, and drums- Darbuka, Lojki, Buhalo, and many others). To get more information about group, or order audio and video records, contact the art-director of the group – Helen Geyko.
e-mail helen@netvision.net.il
tel. in Israel 055-486434, 08- 9491652