Stutschewsky, Joachim

Born, Romny, Ukraine, 7 February 1891, Died Tel Aviv, 14 November 1982. Born into a family of klezmer musicians, Joachim started on violin but moved to playing cello. Studied at Leipzig Conservatory, graduating in 1912. Moved to Zurich during WWI, and organized concerts of Jewish music. From 1921-1938 lived in Vienna and participated in Vienna String Quartet. Emigrated to Israel, becoming involved in organizing concerts in Tel Aviv, teaching and performing cello. Wrote many pedagogical works on cello. He died in Tel Aviv in 1982. Stutchewsky was a great collector of Jewish music. Many of those items as well as his papers are held in the Felijia Blumenthal Center Archives in Tel Aviv. Some of his compositions includeIsraeli Melodies, Hasidic Suite for Cello and Piano, and Tsfat, a symphonic poem.