Spirit of Sepharad: From Casbah to Caliphate

World premiere
June 25, 2008 at 7pm at the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to
the Holocaust

Written & conceived by Gerard Edery
Directed by Henning Rübsam

A soul-stirring musical journey, “Spirit of Sepharad: From Casbah to
Caliphate” traces the unique migration of Sephardic music from medieval
Spain, across North Africa, to the Middle East. Combining music, dance and
illuminating projections, this dynamic mixed-media performance brings to
life all the rich cultural strains that influenced Sephardic/Mizrahi Jews.
Featuring an array of virtuoso musicians from multiple disciplines, the
program includes songs of secular and liturgical origin, spanning many
centuries to the present and many continents from Ancient Persia (present
day Afghanistan and Iran), Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Greece, Syria, Turkey,
The Balkans, Jerusalem and Kurdistan (then, as now, part of Iran, Turkey and
Iraq). The musical story of a rich cultural heritage that synthesizes
diverse influences, “Spirit of Sepharad” is a celebration of the
Sephardic/Mizrahi experience that invites the possibility of coexistence,
tolerance, respect and peace among all peoples.

Gerard Edery (vocals, guitar, saz) master of Sephardic song, winner of the
Sephardic Musical Heritage Award

Amir Vahab (vocals, saz, percussion) Iranian master vocalist of Persian
sacred and folk music

Glen Velez (percussion) Three-time Grammy Award winning master drummer and

Ara Dinkjan (oud) Aremenian virtuoso who is considered one of the top oud
players in the world

Barbara Martinez (dancer, vocals, narrator) Flamenco star dancer, singer and

Meg Okura (violin, erhu) highly acclaimed world music, classical and world
chamber jazz virtuoso

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