Sephardic Music Festival Dec 26 in NY

Sephardic Music Festival
Sixth St. Synagogue
325 East 6th St., NY, NY
Monday, Dec 26, 2011 | 7pm | $15
For tix:

ASEFA is part of a lineup for the evening with Gerard Edery and OudBlues. Special
guests Daniel Ori on bass and Keita Ogawa on drums will join Elie Massias, Yoshie Fruchter, and Samuel Thomas, playing new music from their recent CD and
additional Sephardic favorites.

The new album, “Resonance,” is now available! It features Samuel Thomas,
Elie Massias, Yoshie Fruchter, Noah Jarrett, Eric Platz, Rich Stein, Rabbi Michael
Kakon, and Rachid Halihal. Here’s a sample cut from the record — You can buy the CD
with its beautiful packaging and liner notes directly below or download the digital
album for your iPod or computer from []CD Baby, iTunes,
Amazon, and Napster. When you buy directly from ASEFA, you get a special promotional offer to add a $10
donation to the Save the Music Foundation.

Since 2001, Asefa has been honing the sound presented on “Resonance.” Through
original compositions and arrangements, novel orchestrations that combine
instruments from disparate lands, and with a heavy dose of the communal spirit
needed to make our music, we present a collection of songs that comes from the
heart. Asefa foray into the piyyutim (poems) of the Sephardim (Iberia’s Jewish
diasporic community) is guided by a love for tradition, innovation, and reinvention.
We incessantly journey through the present and its past, from mountains in the east
to oceans in the west, touching down for several moments throughout this album to
look around with our ears and to see what Asefa can create.
Samuel R. Thomas – tenor and soprano saxophone, na‚Äôi, vocals, bendir; Elie Massias –
vocals; Yehoshua Fruchter – oud, guitar; Noah Jarrett – bass, guimbri; Eric Platz –
drumset, dumbek; Richard Stein – percussion
Special guests: Rabbi Michael Kakon – vocals; Rachid Halihal – violin