According to the website, Satlah’s music is “a unique blend of jazz, world music and avant-garde with a strong Jewish/middle eastern flavor.” The band, based in New York City, has a new CD called “Exodus” recorded live at Tonic in New York’s Lower East Side, and a first CD called “Satlah” which features John Zorn as a guest artist. Satlah is an Israeli slang term… John Zorn is producing their music on the Tzaddik label. In the past year, Satlah has performed at the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, Poland, the Klezmer Express Festival in Verona, Italy, the MIMI New Music Festival in Marseilles, France and at a concert in London along with John Zorn for BBC Radio. They also performed at the Chicago Cultural Center through the Israeli Consulate and the Washington D.C. Jewish Music Festival, according to their spokesperson, Danny Zamir. The press has reviewed them favorably. Contact is Tel: 201 – 222-5755 or email: