Sarah Aroeste

American born. Sings in Ladino, music orginally from Spain, and her family later settling in Salonika, Greece. The Aroeste sound combines and updates aspects from her ‘unique family background with influx of Latin-based music in America over the past few years.’ Sarah wrote: “I have a Ladino fusion band–you can check it out at I began this project because there are so few young people working in Ladino. I grew up on the traditional music (my family is from Salonika, Greece), but I am also influenced by other musicial styles. Not only am I a proud Sephardic Jew, but I am also a young, modern American woman! I wanted to find a musical style that could really incorporate my various identities. So I started a band a few years ago taking traditional sephardic songs from across the Mediterranean and combining them with American rock, blues and jazz. I have a 5-piece band, based in NY, and we’ve been traveling all over the country the past year sharing our interpretation of this exotic body of music. We just released our debut album,A la Una: In the Beginning , and invite you to check it out and listen to sound clips at