PSANTERIN is the first Israeli music anthology published on CDs (2003) by the Israel Composers League and the Israeli Music Center. The set has 9 CDs of Israeli Music from the 1920’s through the end of the 20th century with 72 works for piano composed between 1923 and the end of the previous century.

The League website states: “The collection opens with works of first generation of composers in Israel: Joel Engel, Paul Ben-Haim, Menahem Avidom, Yehoyachin Stutchewsky and others. It continues with first generation composers of statehood (Mordechai Seter, Oeden Partos and others) going as far as the younger generation of today’s composers (Yoram Meyuchas, Gil Shohat and others).

All works included (except one) have been studio-recorded. Each CD features one of the following pianists: Liora Ziv-Li, Allan Sternfield, Ora Rotem-Nelken, Herut Israeli, Tomer Lev, Michal Tal, Natasha Tadson, Yuval Admoni and Astrith Baltsan. (The last CD includes pianists Allon Goldstein and Allan Sternfield.)”

The Anthology can be purchased at the Israeli Music Center (IMC), 55 Begin Rd. Tel Aviv, Israel.
For Mail order please call or fax to: 972-(0)3-562 1282
Price for the complete 9 CD set is $95 (with additional $5 mailing charges).
Price for a single CD is $15 (with additional $3 mailing charges).