Golden Age of Chazzanut new CD set

2 CDs set of Rare Cantorials on sale through the month of May for $17.98 .
through Hatikvah music
This 2 CD set features some of the greatest cantors from the Golden Age of
Chazunot. Most of these cantors have been available on CD only on compilations, and many have NEVER been available on an any CD until now.
This 2 CD set consisting of approximately an hour and a half features the
following Cantors:
Kapov-Kagan, Alter Yehiel Karniol, David Roitman, Shlomo Rothstein, Moshe
Surkis, Zvee Aroni, Herman Borenstein, Shlomo Pinkasovitz, Leon Cortilli,
Alexander Sirota, Leib Glantz, Berele Chagy, and Shlomo Kupfer.