Open Mic Night in Jerusalem

Sunday, February 20 · 7:30pm – 10:00pm
Location Har Nof
Ruzhin 35 (Nisim 1) Apartment 20 (7th floor)
Jerusalem, Israel

More Info The long awaited return of the J’Town Jam has finally come!
Kol Meodecha is hosting an open mic night and we can’t wait to hear what you’ve got!

Doors open at 7:30 PM
Get there early to get the slot you want!

take any bus to Har Nof (15, 60, 2, 33) or take a bus to the masof (74, 75, 67, 29) and transfer to the 15, 60, 2, or 33. Ask the bus driver for the first stop on Chai Taib. Cross the street and go back a bit and up a set of stairs that lead you to a path. Follow the path to the end and you’ll reach the building. There is a sign that says רוז’ין 35/ ניסים 1 go inside and take the elevator to the 7th floor and there will be a sign on the door. Come on in, pay the piper, and sign up to perform!