My Online Course! Music of the Jewish People

New this fall from Hebrew College:
Online courses from the School of Jewish Music

I’m teaching an online course in Jewish music through Hebrew College of Boston. It’s called “Music of the Jewish People.” You won’t have to be able to read music, although of course, that always helps! However, it’s not actually required for taking this course. It’s all online, and there’s no particular “class time.” You “attend” the course completely online, get your resources and discussion online. The course is a college-level course and is intended for individuals who have completed high school and above.

You have to register and pay for the course registration through the Hebrew College.
After September 4th, there is a late registration fee, so register right away!
Anyone interested in taking your course should be directed to the Registrar (Marilyn Jaye – or 617-559-8642).
And of course, the Fall course offerings section on the website is also
a good place to go for information:

In addition to the formal course description, let me say that there will be an emphasis on music that we can actually listen to,… so more contemporary music will be used! This class is open to anyone, although college and other students will need to contact Hebrew College directly about course credits, taking the class for a grade, and all other administrative details.
–Judith Pinnolis, Editor, Jewish Music WebCenter

Class start September 30.
So Register Now!
For more information, please contact Barbara Cassidy,,

Music of the Jewish People
Investigate the role that music has played in Jewish life from ancient to modern times, including music in the time of the Bible, rabbinic attitudes toward music, music and mysticism, the development of the modes for prayer and scriptural cantillation, music of the holidays and the life cycle, folk and popular music in the Diaspora, the development of art music in the modern era and music in modern America and Israel. No prior knowledge of music is required.

The school is also offering a course in basic cantillation. (See below).

Introduction to Cantillation
Learn the structural system underlying the chanting of the Hebrew Bible, the correct pronunciation of biblical Hebrew, and the customs and melodies for Ashkenazic Torah cantillation. Facility with Hebrew is required.