Music of the Jewish People Online Course

There’s still room and time to sign up! The “Music of the Jewish People,” a full semester, tremendously fun online course at the college level is being offered by Hebrew College. I’m teaching this course for HC, and looking forward to a variety of participants, from college students and up, from anywhere in the US or abroad. I understand that there is still time to sign up to get credits (better hurry and not forget to sign upafter Rosh Hashanah!)

You can also take the course as a “non-credit” course and many people not needing the course for a degree may choose that route. Either way, for credit or non-credit, I’m expecting it to be exciting.

Course Description:
Have you ever wondered what Jews sang in synagogue in Colonial America? Or why there are so many tunes at different synagogues today? Have you ever wanted to know where a Jewish melody came from? Have you ever had a friend ask you what Jewish music is, and needed an answer? If so, this course will be for you! It’s a general survey that discovers the musics of the Jewish People at different times and places. Study will involve learning about the origins of traditional materials, examination of source readings and articles relating to music of the Jewish people, and class discussions of topics in Jewish music in their historical context. We will listen to all sorts of amazing recordings of Jews singing and performing music from around the world. Some recordings and sounds might be strange to you, and others familiar… but all will be excellent Jewish music!

This online course will investigate the role that music has played in Jewish life and identity from ancient to modern times, including music at the time of the Bible, rabbinic attitudes toward music, the development of the modes for scriptural cantillation, Jewish folk and popular music in the Diaspora, Jewish art music in the modern era, and Jewish music in modern America and Israel.

Since this is an online course, you must have the ability to view, read and listen to print, audio and video materials throughout the week via the Internet. Postings to the Discussion Board will be expected. There is no specific “class time” that all students must be online at the same time; however, I offer availability at specific times for those who prefer that.

You have to register and pay for the course registration through the Hebrew College.
So register right away!
Anyone interested in taking your course should be directed to the Registrar (Marilyn Jaye – or 617-559-8642).
And of course, the Fall course offerings section on the website is also
a good place to go for information:

In addition to the formal course description, let me say that there will be an emphasis on music that we can actually listen to,… so more contemporary music will be used! This class is open to anyone, although college and other students will need to contact Hebrew College directly about course credits, taking the class for a grade, and all other administrative details.
–Judith Pinnolis, Editor, Jewish Music WebCenter