Me La Amargates Tú — Sephardic Music

Me La Amargates Tú :
Esteban Manzano, voice
Doret Florentin, recorders
Tulio Rondón, viola da gamba
Sarah Ridy, baroque harp
Cristian Gutiérrez, baroque guitar
Juan Martínez, percussion

November 18th at 12:45 hs, Kloosterkerk (Lange Voorhout 4)
The Hague, Holland

November 19th at 20:00 hs, Cultural Centre of Schoten (Verbeerstraat 3)
Schoten, Belgium

November 20th at 20:00 hs, Cultural Centre Ter-Dilft of Bornen
(Amandsesteenweg 41-43)
Bornen, Belgium

November 22nd at 15:00 hs, Cultural Centre of Zwijndrecht (Kerkplein 1)
Zwijndrecht, Belgium

November 29th at 17:00 hs,Salle de la Cité Bleue (46, Avenue de Miremont)
Genéve, Switzerland

Me La Amargates Tú is also glad to let you know that their New CD, “Alma Vida Coraçón”
has been released by PAN Records, you can find it in the shops from January
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“Prize winners of the “International Jewish Music Competition” in Amsterdam, the ensemble Me la Amargates Tú arose from the interest and research of its members on Sephardic and Spanish music from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. The lyrics of the Sephardic songs in the repertoire of Me la Amargates Tú are written in Ladino. The Sephardic Jewish community has preserved the Ladino language for centuries as well as their songs, keeping alive the memory of a culture that is now spread in many countries throughout the world.

Me la Amargates Tú combines the folkloric Ladino tradition with musical elements from the period in which these Sephardic Jewish communities lived in the Iberian peninsula, prior to their expulsion by the Inquisition.

Sephardic written music from that period, only includes the melody and the text. Therefore, Me la Amargates Tú combines instruments from this period with hours of rehearsal and musical arrangements, all to create the most approximate and appropriate results.

The members of Me la Amargates Tú studied with teachers considered world eminences in the field of Early Music, such as Jaap ter Linden, Peter van Heyghen, Christina Pluhar, Donna Agrell, and Rainer Zipperling.

Me la Amargates Tú performs numerous concerts around the world, and its members work from The Hague, Holland, city where their interests and research joined to bring back the sounds from Sefarad.”