Max Stern: Profile of a Composer

MAX STERN, a composer living in Israel, has many materials that can be found through online sites. For those interested in finding some interesting music, you can follow the links below:

First, A composer’s biography about Max is available through the Israel Music Institute:

Works List at IMI
Max Stern Works

Works Availablefor performance through IMI.

CD recordings at CD Baby (16 CDs):

Books (published by KTAV and available through
Bible & Music: Influences of the Old Testament on Western Music. This book lists works based on Biblical themes and verses.
Bible & Music

Psalms & Music: Influences of the Psalms on Western Music. This book lists musical settings based on the Psalms. “Psalms have been set to music more than any other biblical texts. Their embodiment in music is the veritable bedrock upon which was erected the edifice of Western music.”
A reviewer on wrote: “is a comprehensive and spiritual examination of the influence of the book of Psalms on Western music. After an introduction which explains the types, styles and categorizations of the psalms, the various musical styles are enumerated chronologically with examples from each historical era. Finally, and most impressively, there is a catalog of the psalms in numerical order with a listing of all known psalm settings for each one. Anyone involved in music in general and church music in particular will recognize the incredible scholarship that this represents. This volume contains a wealth of information for students and musicians alike. Throughout this book, Stern manages to impart a sense of the humanity of the psalm texts, with emotions ranging from despair to exultation, and the music that illuminates them. One senses a deep spirituality and affection for these beautiful texts and for the God who inspired them. This is a thoughtful and beautiful book, at once a valuable reference and a challenge to a deeper understanding of scriptural texts.”
Psalms & Music