Marhulet “DYBBUK” String Quartet Premiere

The string quartet Dybbuk by Wlad Marhulet was written for the New York based “J.A.C.K.” quartet. The piece is inspired by Jewish folklore, in which a Dybbuk is a malicious possessing spirit, believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person. The piece depicts two aspects of Dybbuk – its wild and aggressive nature, as well as its memories from the past life full of suffering and tears.

The premiere is going to take place November 30th at 8:00pm.
in Paul Hall, Julliard School, NYC
60 Lincoln Center Plaza, Broadway (at 65th St)
Upper West Side
Subway: 1 to 66th St–Lincoln Ctr

Wlad Marhulets is a Polish composer of Jewish descent. Born in Minsk on May 1986, he began to be seriously interested in music at the age of 16. Wlad attended Academy of Music in Gdansk where he studied composition with Krzysztof Olczak, and later transfered to the Juilliard School in New York where he began studying with one of contemporary music’s most distinguished composers, –John Corigliano.

Since identity has always been at the center of Wlad’s music, he explores his heritage most ardently through his compositions. Acquaintance with Leopold Kozlowsky, known as the last klezmer of Galicia, as well as fascination of David Krakauer‘s recordings took on great importance for Wlad’s development as a composer. Hence, the most important influences that his music is based upon include an amalgamation of klezmer and Jewish tradition.

Primarily interested in a synthesis of musical styles, Wlad is always at work on a variety of genre bending projects. His continuous crossing of borders between genres and styles has resulted in a large number of works. In spite of young age his compositional output numbers more that 50 items of orchestral, chamber, and solo pieces. The key works he composed include Concerto for piano and symphonic orchestra, Concerto Grosso for 3 violins and string orchestra, Symphonic Poem, Concerto for organ and symphonic orchestra, Sonata for violin and piano.
Wlad is an exceptionally versatile person, having distinguished himself not only as a composer, but also as a painter, writer, graphic designer, and a clarinetist playing in ensembles spanning contemporary music to klezmer and experimental jazz.