Korczak’s Orphans Opera in Brooklyn

The opear, Korczak’s Orphans will be presented by the Opera Company of Brooklyn
Saturday, May 3, 7pm at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue.

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This Yom Hashoah, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue hosts the Opera Company of Brooklyn’s premiere of Korczak’s
. This opera, by composer Adam Silverman and librettist Susan Gubernat, is a
moving, impassioned story based on the life of Janusz Korczak (1878-1942). Directed
by SWFS member Judy Weinstein and member Will Conard performs. Tickets are $25 and can be
purchesed at the door, by calling 212-567-3283 or at http://www.operabrooklyn.com.
Free to Stephen Wise Free Synagogue (SWFS) Members.
Stephen Wise Free Synagogue(30 West 68th Street, Manhattan; subway: 1 to 66th Street or B/C to 72nd Street).

A Polish Jew, Korczak was a medical doctor, radio celebrity, and author who protected 200 children in a Jewish orphanage he founded amidst the chaos of the Nazi-occupied Warsaw Ghetto. Korczak maintained the orphanage as a refuge until he and his orphans were expelled from it and led to death at Treblinka.

Korczak is a famous figure in Poland, one of the heroes of World War II. He spent his life tending to the needs of orphaned children, and he used his influence to gain necessary supplies for his orphanage: food, money, and medicine. Unwilling to let the Nazi occupiers define him, he refused to wear the yellow Star of David required for all Jews, an offense for which he was jailed by the Gestapo. As the war progressed and his grim fate became increasingly evident, his response was to prepare himself and the children for a dignified processional out of the gates of the orphanage, past a stunned citizenry and muted cadre of SS officers.

The New York City Opera’s orchestra and soloists under the baton of Music Director George Manahan performed act II of Korczak’s Orphans in 2004. The New York Times raved that “the music of Act II, performed complete, was pulsing, glitteringly orchestrated and harmonically pungent.”
Jay Meetze, founder and artistic director of the Opera Company of Brooklyn, will conduct, Judith Weinstein will direct the cast, Christopher Bruckman will assist on the piano, with the OCB Children’s Chorus prepared by Sarah Jane Hintz-Rau. Tracy Wise, reprising his role as Korczak, leads a cast of singers that features Mary Rauh, Maija Lisa Currie, Candice Hoyes, Kathryn Krasovec, Danielle Musick, Laurie Rubin, Giuseppe Spoletini, Mark Kaczmarczyk and Jonathan Hare. For more information about Korczak’s Orphans, the history behind the opera’s story and the artistic partners, please visit http://adambsilverman.com/korczak.

–STARRING: Tracy Wise as Janusz Korczak and Korczak’s Father, Mary Rauh as Stefa Wilczynska, Maija Lisa Currie as Esterka Winogran, Candice Hoyes as Miss G. and Nun 1, Kathryn Krasovec as Female Passerby and Nun 2, Danielle Musick as Nun 3, Laurie Rubin as Nun 4, Giuseppe Spoletini as Bula Szulc, Male Passerby and SS Soldier 1, Mark Kaczmarczyk as Mr. S., Adam Czerniakow, Father Christmas/Herod, SS Soldier 2, Jonathan Hare as Mr. M., Neighbor and Rickshaw Driver

CHILDREN’s CHORUS-Sarah J. Hintz-Rau, Conductor, Ben Albert as Marek, Alexander Bird as Abrasha, Will Conard as Stasiek and Jozef, Sabrina Edelman as Ghetto Child, Caroline Lenz as Hanna, Marleina Hanau Cohen as Ghetto Child, Natasjah Holtz as Ghetto Child, Kristina Lakshin as Helenka, Caroline Lenz as Orphan, Trishena Ronqiue Lewin as Orphan, Devon Lewis Gubrud as Ghetto Child, Taylor Lockwood as Aleksandra, Tyler Mitnik as Henryk (Young Korczak), Kapria Reletta Joseph as Orphan, Yonatan Rozin as Jerzyk, Lydia Mariko Stetson as Ghetto Child