Kaplan, Abraham

Israeli-born American choral conductor and composer. Kaplan graduated from the Israeli Conservatory (1954); Juilliard School of Music(1955); post graduate diploma from Juilliard (1957). Founded the Camerata Singers in 1961 and in that same year became head of Juilliard’s choral department. During his tenure at Juilliard, Kaplan held a teaching position at the School of Sacred Music of Union Theological Seminary, and directed the choral program for the New York State Summer School for the Arts (1976-83). Kaplan also served as music director of the Collegiate Chorale in New York (1961-73), music director of the Symphonic Choral Society of New York (1968-77), and associate director for choral activities at the Seattle Symphony (1995-2000). Kaplan’s recorded compositions include Glorious: A collection of Psalms and biblical songs, TheK’dusha Symphony, Arvit L’Shabbat, and Psalms of Abraham. Choral Conducting,his college textbook, was published by W.W. Norton in 1985.