Habrera Hativeet

Formed in 1977, Habrera Hativeet has performed around the world with Shlomo Bar, the founder, and features Sephardic and Eastern music fused with modern Israel. Bar, born in Rabat, Morocco, composes most of the group’s songs. He plays drums and flute and also arranges much of the music. The rest of the band is: Manashe Sasson, on Santur; Nitsan-Ken Razel, violin; Samson Khamkar on violin, the sitar and the flute; Ilan Ben-Ami, guitar; Yael Offenbach, Tabla; and Yaacob Segal, piano, ud, and bass. Habrera hativeet have 9 CDs, some of which were originally released in LP. The group tours extensively world wide. The website features a video clip from The 11th Jewish Music Festival in Cracow – Poland, July 2001. Having attended a concert of this group at Brandeis, I can attest to the excitement experienced in a HH concert.