Sunday, September 17th, 2006
Southpaw, 125 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
7 PM Doors Open, 8 PM Concert/Dance Party

Goldenshteyn Tribute Ensemble
Featuring: Frank London, Jeff Warschauer, Margot Leverett, Susan Watts,
Aaron Alexander, Alicia Svigals, and many more
The Goldenshteyn Tribute Ensemble will begin at 8 PM on Sunday September
17th at Southpaw. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Call
212.946.6334 or visit for more information
and online ticket purchase.

German Goldenshteyn, a Holocaust survivor and Red Army veteran, notated over
800 melodies in the 40 years that he played Jewish weddings along the
Ukrainian border with Moldavia, before moving to Brooklyn in 1994. He recorded his
first CD “German Goldenshteyn: A Living Tradition” (available at at KlezKamp 2005
before his tragic untimely death in June at age 71, and had a second CD on the
way, along with plans for concerts and workshops in Poland, Germany and Canada.

Now some of New York and the world’s finest klezmer musicians are
teaming up to play a tribute concert and dance party featuring the amazing melodies
German taught them all. All proceeds go to his widow, Mina, their daughter, Klava Rozentul,
son-in-law Borya, and grandson Alex.

Directed by clarinetist Alex Kontorovich, the evening will feature such
renowned artists as Frank London, Jeff Warschauer, Margot Leverett, Susan Watts,
Aaron Alexander, and Alicia Svigals, with many surprise guests throughout the night.

Just try sitting still while listening to German’s collection of melodies!

SOUTHPAW (125 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) is a large capacity, 5,000
square foot venue located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, bringing local, national,
international artists, and dj’s spanning all musical genres. In 2004, Southpaw was
chosen as one of the top 5 venues in all of New York City by TIME OUT NY.