Ensemble M’chaiya

Don Jacobs, Terran Doehrer, Jutta Distler. According to their press release: “The Ensemble M’chaiya is Chicagoland’s original revival klezmer band, founded in January 1983. Their repertoire includes Sephardic, Yiddish, and Hebrew songs. The band leads folks through line and circle dances… The Ensemble M’chaiya shapes its distinctive sound with mandolin, violin, flute, accordion, guitar, tof, and clarinet. Bouzouki, drum set, and bass, can be added. Band size ranges from duet to sextet. M’chaiya has pleased audiences in concert, at festivals, schools, universities, synagogues, clubs, and parties. Engagements have included two tours of Denmark, Chicago’s P.O.C.E.T. Jewish Festival every time since 1986, a special “Thanks to Scandinavia” commemoration program, National Public Radio, as well as opening a concert for Israel’s famous singer, Yehoram Gaon.” The website includes photos and testimonials.