DYB tells the story their way

This might not be the way some musicologists might tell the story, but those invested in this topic should read it.

Here’s the pitch and how they tell it::

What do Matisyahu, Blue Fringe, Klezmatics, Moshav Band, and Soul Farm all
have in common?

Their direct connection to The Diaspora Yeshiva Band, the band that invented
Jewish Rock!

The Diaspora Yeshiva Band¹s recordings signify, perhaps, the most
influential change in modern Jewish music history.
Here is an exclusive, fascinating and informative article about a
history-making group, and the major fore-runners of today¹s Jewish music by
one of the original founding members.

A fascinating article about the history of modern Jewish music and the
influence of The Diaspora Yeshiva Band on most of today¹s Jewish music
groups can be found by clicking on this link: