All About Women Cantors

The Journal of Synagogue Music Fall 2007 issue features articles celebrating 25 years of women as Conservative cantors. There are articles about, by, and for women and Jewish music in this issue (vol. 32) and will be of interest to many who may want to know more women and Jewish music. There are many excellent articles of interest, including a biographical sketch of Barbara Ostfeld by Bruce Ruben (readers are also invited to take a look at my article on Barbara in Encyclopedia Judaica), histories of women in the cantorate, a history of the Khazntes, (women who sang cantorial music albeit not in synagogue), issues of Kol Isha, and an especially interesting piece by Victor Tunkel on the music of the first women composer, Leonora Duarte (1610-1678). (I’m sure someone will want to take up that score, perform it and bring it to life.) There’s also a wonderful article on the Songs of Naomi Shemer by Sam Weiss, an article about the piyyut craze of Mizrahi songs in Israel by Galeet Dardashti, and another on contemporary Ashkenazic synagogue music in Israel by Amalia Kedem..and several good reviews. The Journal of Synagogue Music is published by the Cantors Assembly.