Discovering Jewish Music in Paperback

Discovering Jewish Music
By Marsha Bryan Edelman
is now being released in Paperback

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Jewish music from the Bible to the present, with musical illustrations
and an audio CD
Most of us have experienced “Jewish music,” whether it’s through
synagogue attendance, a bar mitzvah celebration, a klezmer concert, or
the playing of “Hava Nagila” at a baseball
game. The many different kinds of Jewish music are reflected by the
multitude of Jewish communities throughout the world, each having its
own unique set of experiences and values. This book puts the music into
a context of Jewish history, philosophy, and sociology.

Edelman begins 3,000 years ago, with a discussion of music in the Bible,
and then examines the nature of folk and liturgical music in the three
major Diaspora communities
that evolved over centuries, after the destruction of the Temple in
Jerusalem. From there she explores music of the 20th century, including
the explosion of popular music in North America and Israel and its
impact on Jews and their musical identities.

About the author
Marsha Bryan Edelman is a professor of music and education at Gratz
College in Melrose Park, PA. She has a doctorate in music and music
education from Columbia University.