David Berkeley

American singer songerwriter, with a voice compared by The New York Times as “lustrous, melancholy voice with shades of Tim Buckley and Nick Drake.” Berkeley is a Harvard University graduate. Hillary Meister wrote in the Atlanta Jewish Times on January 2, 2004, that Berkeley reports being influenced by synagogue services, and that in particular,” a cantor with a beautiful voice “kept me going to synagogue” while growing up in New Jersey” He has several CDs, including Live from the Fez (2005), After the Wrecking Ships (2004), The Confluence (2002). The Confluence, was reviewed in Billboard magazine and Rollingstone which called him a “Sixties-esque troubadour with songs to swoon by and a voice sweeter than incense and peppermints.” Berkeley reported to Meister that the music coming out of silent prayer was always the most powerful for him. “I think the whole value that I place on expression for a connection and for healing is at least consistent with Judaism if not inspired by it.” he said in the interview. “Once you’re exposed to that kind of genre you look for people who say something that makes an emotional impact that requires something of the listener; not just candy,” he said. I’m always absorbing the world around me whether it’s the music, newspaper or poetry.” Berkeley, who spends most of his time writing and playing music, has performed with Shawn Mullins, Ben Folds and Marshall Crenshaw and is currently on the road promoting his new release. His website includes photos, clips and a tour schedule.