Daniel Kahn at Pete’s in Brooklyn

Daniel Kahn, will be playing at Pete’s Candy Store this Monday (Labor
Day). That’s September 4, 9:00 pm, at 709 Lorimer Street
in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – 11211
(718) 302 – 3770.
for more information:

Jeanette Lewicki writes: If you haven’t yet heard of Daniel Kahn’s band, The
Painted Bird, don’t worry — you will. They are
currently based in Berlin, so Dan has recruited local
talent to support him as he migrates through Brooklyn.
He will be playing his own & other people’s songs on
accordion, piano, cigar box ukelele, & G-d only knows
what else, backed up (into a corner) by Michael
(clarinet), Nick Cudahy (bass), Jeanette
(accordion, vocals) & possibly other special
guests too notorious for us to mention in public.
Let’s just say, get there on time if you want to sit

Daniel is a wonderful poet & songwriter who has chosen
to work in Yiddish, & to translate Yiddish songs into
English. Michael Winograd is another highly
combustible composer of new Yiddish music. It’s been
an honour getting to know them & the other young
modernists who are making a big splash in the Yiddish
song pool. Now I have to go get some rest.