Czechs Turn Out for Jews and included Music

This item caught our attention. Good People supporting each other against hate and rage.
And music as well as marching played a part.

PRAGUE (JTA) – With several hundred neo-Nazis preparing to descend
upon Prague’s Jewish quarter for a brazen march on the anniversary of
Kristallnacht, Prague’s small Jewish community found some unusual
allies: anarchists, a Muslim leader and thousands of non-Jewish

On a freezing Sabbath afternoon that marked the 69th anniversary of
the Night of Broken Glass, the neo-Nazis got the boot in the Czech
capital — literally, in some cases.

Thousands of Czechs filled the streets Saturday to protest the
neo-Nazis in an unusually large and emotional show of solidarity with
the country’s Jews that in some cases turned violent. . .

Only about 1,500 Jews live in Prague, but some 3,000 to 4,000
demonstrators turned out for the day’s events. They included a prayer
service in front of the Old-New Synagogue, a march through the Old
Town where the Jewish quarter is located, musical performances and
presentations by Holocaust survivors that were projected on a large
outdoor screen.