“Common Chords II”: A Celebration of Muslim and Jewish Music

“Common Chords II”: A Celebration of Muslim and Jewish Music is a concert occuring
at Temple Beth Sholom (401 Roslyn Rd, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577) on Saturday night,
3/1/2008 at 7:30 pm (5:30 pm for Mincha/Ma’ariv, followed by a 6:30 pm Lite Bite
Middle Eastern Cafe). If you haven’t heard the music of Salman Ahmad of the musical
group Junoon & world leading klezmer artist Yale Strom, then you’re missing
something… You can get an idea about their styles by going to their respective web
sites: http://www.junoon.com/ and http://www.yalestrom.com/

If your kids and teens were not planning on attending this concert, have them listen
to the music on-line, I bet they’ll want to go!!! These performers are more often
at college campuses, central park, the UN General Assembly, and together they
combine sufi-rock with klezmer, jazz, and Sephardic motifs.
$10 adults, $5 students

Salman Ahmad worked with Madonna and Bono from U2 in 2007 and has been touring
actively, and has primarily focused on performing and addressing at Universities the
U.S. such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Purdue, Stanford, MIT, UT-Austin etc. Salman
has been teaching a class on music titled “Islamic Music and Culture of South Asia”,
as a guest faculty at the Queens College of NY. Salman recently worked with Annie
Lennox, Sarah McLachlan and Dave Stewart in a song for ‘Green Peace’. In short, he

Yale Strom is a violinist, composer, filmmaker, writer, photographer, playwright
that is a pioneer among revivalists in conducting extensive field research in
Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans among the Jewish and Rom communities.
Strom has become the world’s leading ethnographer-artist of klezmer music and
history. He has been composing his own New Jewish music, which combines klezmer
with Hasidic nigunim , Rom, jazz, classical, Balkan and Sephardic motifs and has
performed with many world renown musicians. Strom has lectured extensively
throughout the Untied States and Europe and taught at NYU for the 4 years, where he
created the course Artist-Ethnographer Expeditions . He is on the advisory board of
the Center for Jewish Creativity, based in Los Angeles and an Artist-in-Residence in
the Jewish Studies Program at San Diego State University. This is not your zadye’s
klezmer music!