Ayn Sof Arkestra and Bigger Band for Passover Concert

Thursday, April 21 · 8:30pm – 10:30pm
East 6th Street Community Synagogue Max Raiskin Center
325 East 6th Street
New York, NY

Come join the Ayn Sof Arkestra and Bigger Band for a special middle of Passover Concert.
The midweek of the Festival of Passover is traditionally a time where the celebration of the holiday is stretched into the mundane workaday world, called “Chol HaMoed”.
Come join Ayn Sof for the holiday celebration! We may even break out the Slivovitz!
$10.00 Cover

NYC’s newest addition to the canon of new Jewish influenced music and culture, the Ayn Sof Arkestra and Bigger Band, under the direction of saxophonist Jazz Rabbi Greg Wall and Grammy winning trumpeter Frank London.The Arkestra consists of some of the most innovative artists on the scene today, such as Pam Fleming, Rob Henke, Jordan Hirsch, Paul Shapiro, Jessica Lurie, Marty Fogel, Zach Mayer, Aaron Alexander, David Chevan, Fima Ephron, Eyal Maoz, Mathias Kunzli, Uri Sharlin, and many others. The repertoire will consist of original compositions and arrangements of the members and guest composers, in the great NuJu/Rad Jew/SunRaJoo tradition.

Ayn Sof Arkestra!
Trumpets – Pam Fleming,Frank London, Jordan Hirsch, Rob Henke
Trombones – Ben Williams, Art Baron
Saxophones – Greg Wall, Jessica Lurie
Paul Shapiro, Zachary Mayer, Martin Fogel
Guitar – Eyal Maoz
Keys – Uri Sharlin
Bass – David Chevan
Drums – Aaron Alexander

NuJu/Rad Jew/SunRaJoo tradition. — can you please define? Send in your thoughts…or just listen to the music…