Zamir Chorale Honors Cantor Jeff Klepper in Cambridge, MA

The Spring concert of the Zamir Chorale is honoring Cantor Jeff Klepper.
Sunday, June 3, 2007, 8:00 p.m., Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA

On June 3 the Zamir Chorale of Boston will celebrate
its 38th year of performing inspirational Jewish music
by honoring Cantor Jeff Klepper at its annual spring
concert at Sanders Theatre in Cambridge at 8:00 p.m.
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Zamir will share the stage with Cantor Klepper and
Rabbi Daniel Freelander of Kol B’Seder for both a
rousing and reflective concert featuring the
beloved “Shalom Rav” (Abundant Peace.)

Cantor Klepper has strong Boston roots and even
sang with Zamir in 1973. He has very fond memories
of that time:

“I sang with Zamir for one precious year; it
brought great joy into my life. By the time I left Boston
to begin my cantorial studies, Zamir’s music had
seeped into my heart and soul. I know that Zamir’s
music made me a better song-leader, a better Jewish
composer, and ultimately, a better cantor. ”

Zamir invites the public to participate in honoring Jeff. His
enthusiasm for and commitment to Jewish music
have inspired many young people and enthralled
audiences world wide.