Yuval Ron Ensemble Embarks on Peace Tour

The Yuval Ron Ensemble is embarking on a concert tour for peace in November, centered around the International Music Festival in Jerusalem, plus a second conert in the Jewish-Arabic community center Beit Hagefen in Haifa. For more details read their letter…

Dear friends,
This is the time to register for the amazing exclusive peace mission
tour we are taking on this coming November 2007. Space is limited!
Itinerary, Terms and registration forms are at:
Please read details below:

This is an extraordinary Tour the Yuval Ron Ensemble is embarking on,
centering around a landmark concert for peace in the International
Music Festival in Jerusalem plus a second concert in the Jewish-
Arabic community center Beit Hagefen in Haifa. We have extended this
concert tour into two weeks of explorations and exclusive cultural
experiences in Israel plus meetings with local Peace Makers who work
to bring Jewish and Arabic artists together.

I would like to invite you to come along to this adventure! From the
Bedouin tribes in the Negev desert, the sacred sites in Jerusalem,
Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, to an exclusive ritual on Mt. Masada and to
the historic Kabalistic center of Safed – THIS TRIP WILL BE AN

The tour is organized by one of the leading tour company in Israel
(Target Conferences Ltd) and the guide, Ze’ev Back is one of the best
and most experienced tour guides in the country.

For more info and to see the day to day activities, Please go to:

Please let me know if you would like to join us or if you have any
questions about the trip.

SPACE IS LIMITED and there is a lot of interest already! So please,
please, please, if you are interested please email us to receive the
registration form ASAP and to reserve the space for this Exclusive
Tour to the Holy Land – A Peace Mission to Israel with The Yuval Ron

Best wishes for Health, Peace and prosperity.

Yuval Ron