Yiddish Summer Program at Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv, Israel
July 3 – 28, 2006
A vibrant new Summer Program in Yiddish language and culture is now available at Tel Aviv University. Under the auspices of Beth Shalom Aleichem, The Goldreich Family Institute for Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture at Tel Aviv University and the Abraham Lerner Fund, this four-week program during the month of July 2006, offers intensive Yiddish instruction on campus at the beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels, and a rich afternoon program of lectures, tours, theatre, concerts, museums, films, and cultural events organized by YUNG YiDiSH in conjunction with Beth Shalom Aleichem. As students of the Lowy School for Overseas Students at Tel Aviv University whose credentials are recognized by universities world-wide, participants will receive 80 hours of language instruction (four credits) with highly qualified and experienced teachers in small classes and will be housed in dormitories adjacent to the campus. Language instruction will be supplemented by lectures given by leading scholars in the fields of Yiddish language, literature, and culture.

Located in the largest and most vibrant city in Israel, Tel Aviv University is within walking distance of the beaches and the promenade that stretches from Ramat Aviv to Jaffa, the Land of Israel Museum and the Museum of the Diaspora (Beit Hatefusoth, with its resources for genealogy research) , as well as cafes, restaurants, and shops. The Summer Session’s cultural program will include meetings with Yiddish writers and personalities, workshops, theatre, poetry and literature evenings, klezmer music, field trips, films and more. During leisure hours, Tel Aviv offers Bauhaus architecture, cafes and clubs at the old harbor, the open air markets, summer street festivals, and the charm of old Jaffa with its artist colony. The cost of the program is $1200 for tuition, $600 for housing, and a $60 registration fee.
A significant number of scholarships are available for deserving students. See the website for more information or write to Tamar Gerstenhaber, the summer program Coordinator, at tlvsummer@yiddish.co.il