Yiddish Radio Winnipeg – Jacques Grober and His Music

Yiddish Radio Show
Sunday August 9/09
Yiddish 2:00 to 2:30 PM CDT (3:00-3:30 PM EDT)
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Rochelle Zucker decided to dedicate a radio show to the memory of the French Yiddish singer, composer and author Jacques Grober.

Grober was born in Paris in 1951 – the son of Holocaust Survivirs from
Poland. From about 1980 until his death in 2006 – when he was just in his
prime, Grober was vital and important force of the Yiddish music scene in
France. He studied Yiidish singing with the Yiddish legend Sarah Gorby. The more
he became involved with Yiddish, the language of his parents and
grandparents, the more he realized how important it was to create
contemporaty songs in Yiddish so that Yiddish could be continue being heard
as a living language. Many of his compositions are very original and use
modern themes and rhythms. Although Grober is no longer with us, his music and ideas live on.

After his death the Fondation Du Judaisme Francais issued a wonderful CD
Jacques Grober – Yiddish Songs from Yesterday and Today.
The “Parizer Yidish Tsenter – Medem Bibliotek” published a songbook
collection of Grobers song’s and compositions. It is called Chiriboim.

All of the songs featured on the show are performed by Grober and are on the CD except
one. Most are original compositions. Also included is Helene’s Nigun –
which Helene Engel who was a collegue and dear friend of Grober, composed and dedicated to his memory.


S’iz Nito keyn Nekhtn – Jacques Grober
Don Juan – JG
A Kats Mit Bloye Oygn – JG
Helene’s Nighn – Helene Engel Trio (Dedicated to the memory of Jacques Grober)
Rap Zikh Oyf – JG
Yitskhik un Yishmoel – JG
A Sharade – JG
Sherele – JG

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