Whirling Dervish with Yuval Ron Ensemble

“deeply moving pan-Middle Eastern music”–
The Yuval Ron Ensemble unites the sacred musical traditions of Judaism,
Sufism (Islamic mystical tradition) and the Christian Armenian Church
into an unusual musical celebration. Bringing together artists from
Arabic, Jewish and Christian ancestry the Yuval Ron Ensemble is
dedicated to fostering an understanding of Middle Eastern cultures and

What: An evening of Suft Music and Whirling and Sufi poetry of Rumi,
Yunus and Hafiz

Who: Whirling Dervish of the Melevi Order- Aziz, with The Yuval Ron
Ensemble, featuring Najwa Gibran, vocal soloist

Where: Church in Ocean Park, 235 Hill Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.
Free street parking on 4th street and streets east of 4th street or pay
parking lots on Main Street or 1/4 block east of Main Street

When: Sunday, February 18, 2007 at 7:00pm

Money: Advanced tickets: $15, at the door: $20. For Advance Ticket
information please call 818-505-1355 or email to info@yuvalronmusic.com

or Calendar page at www.yuvalronmusic.com

Aziz is a authentic Sufi Dervish, and a member of the Mevlana Sufi
Order both in Turkey and the US. He was born in the Us for parents who
were Sufis and he followed the Sufi path since his childhood. He has
studied with the leaders of the Mevlavi order in Kunia and Istanbul in
Turkey and with the head of the US Sufi Mevlana order in Northern
California. He is a master whirler who performed with The Yuval Ron
Ensemble in the World Festival of Sacred Music in LA in 2002 and in
many other concerts in the US, most recently in the concert Sacred Soul
in LA For Aziz, Sufi Whirling and Whirling as a way of life, are a way
of worship and a way of Prayer.

In 2002 and 2005, the ensemble was featured at the World Festival of
Sacred Music in Los Angeles and was honored to be the first
American-based Middle Eastern Ensemble to perform at an International
Peace Festival ’05 in South Korea. In addition, the Ensemble was chosen
by the Mid-Atlantic Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts
to represent the United States and its cultural diversity at the
International Folk Music Festival in Lublin, Poland in 2005. In 2006
the Ensemble was the first to introduce the music of the Middle East to
Chihuahua, Mexico at the International Chihuahua Festival.

Composer and Oud master Yuval Ron works across different media and
styles, actively seeking new forms of interchange and collaboration
between musicians and other artists. His compositions have served as
soundtracks for television programs and films such as Oliver Twist (UPN
Network) and To Life (a CBS special), to dance works with the
innovative dancer/choreographer Oguri (with music from these
collaborations recorded on two CDs, In Between the Heartbeat and In The
Shadows), to concert works for chorus, orchestra, and cello. He has
also served as an impresario, helping to organize concerts at the UCLA
Hammer Museum highlighting the diversity of musical styles to be found
in the Los Angeles area.

But for many, Yuval is known for his deeply moving pan-Middle Eastern
music. This group at once unites the music and peoples of the Middle
East, incorporating elements of Armenian, Levantine, Arabic, Bedouin,
Sephardic, and other stylings to create a fusion that is at once deeply
traditional and still boldly innovative. His recordings include One
and One Truth (with renowned Turkish Sufi musician Omar Faruk
Tekbilek), Under the Olive Tree: Sacred Music of the Middle East,
featuring the spectacular young Arabic singer, Najwa Gibran and most
recently Tree of Life also featuring Najwa Gibran.

For more information, please contact 818-505-1355 or
Yuval Ron can be reached directly at
818-505-1355 or yuval@yuvalronmusic.com.