what a Jewish gal was singing 50 years ago or so

Everyone knows YouTube. Occasionally you find real gems. Here is Dinah Shore and Peggy Lee singing a medley as swinging jazz.

Dinah Shore, born Frances Rose, who grew up in Winchester, Tennessee (and later, Nashville) was a daughter of Jewish immigrants. Her mother was a contralto and her father a merchant. She suffered from polio, but was not hampered in her educational pursuits to go on to Vanderbilt University. From there she went to New York to be a singer. She cut her first recording in 1940, and from there went into radio and later television.Her first live engagement was with Ed Wynn on NBC. She remained with that network for most of her tv career.

For more information on Dinah Shore, see Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinah_Shore or the Dinah Shore Fan Club website at http://www.dinahshorefanclub.com/dsbio2.htm