West Bank Story wins Oscar for Best Live Action Short

Here’s a letter just received from the musical group Yuval Ron about the Oscar awarded last night:

Dear All,
I am thrilled to share with you the news that tonight we won an Oscar
for Best Live Action Short FIlm for the film West Bank Story,
directed by Ari Sandel.
This is a great victory for us as the film is a musical and the music
(the songs and the score which I composed) has a central and very
important role in the film (as in any musical).
I am so glad for this award because this film was created to revive
hope for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. The film was
successful in bringing out the humanity in both sides, and
highlighted the courageous few who overcome the bias, follow true
love and struggle for peace.
May this victory and recognition, give those of us who work to
increase the light, more power and more opportunities, to make a
difference and slowly create a critical mass that would bring end to
the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Thank you for all the people who worked in my team (too many to name)
to create the music for West Bank Story, especially for the good
people who have worked with me on numerous projects in film and TV:
singers Amick Byram, Ahmed El Asmer, Steven Memel and the
percussionist Jamie Papish for their contribution to the score. Also
thank you to the director Ari Sandel for coming up with the crazy
idea to spoof West Side Story in present day Palestine!…. to my
wife Carolyne for her support…..and to Silan for the good fortune.

Yuval Ron