Voices for Israel CD and Video

Voices For Israel: Chazak Amenu double CD/video has been released. Proceeds go to relieve the victims of terror in Israel. The CD contains the Solidarity Anthem, “CHAZAK AMENU: WE STAND AS ONE” and “SHIR LISMOACH (MALKI’S SONG),” written by Malki Roth, an Israeli teenager
who was killed in the Jerusalem Sbarro suicide bombing. OVER 50 JEWISH MUSIC ARTISTS are on the album singing on behalf of Israel. In the video you will recognize the faces of Jews from the Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox branches of Judaism. The album contains more than 30 SONGS on the themes of Israel, Jewish unity, and the enduring hope for peace with arrangements by “Yehuda!” This is truly a solidarity effort. To get information to order the recordings,
http://www.voicesforisrael.org/. This recording, and its charitable effort, is endorsed by JMWC.