Veretski Pass

The CD, officially released today, April 21st, by the group of the same name, with Cookie
Segelstein (violin, scordatura violin and viola), Joshua Horowitz
(chromatic accordion, tsimble) and Stuart Brotman (bass, basy, baraban)
is NOW AVAILABLE at Golden Horn Records,

This link takes you right to the page about the CD:

Much of the music on this recording comes from and near the region of
the Veretski Pass (after which the group is named)in the Zakarpatska
Oblast (Transcarpathian region) of what is now Ukraine, the main
crossroads through which the Jews traversed the Carpathian Bow. There
is a stunning suite of Crimean Tatar music and also a rare Karaite
song, followed by improvisations and a pyrotechnic fiddle song
performed on a scordatura violin. There are also original compositions,
a suite with a bass and viola duet, traditional Jewish and Ukrainian
dance tunes all accompanied by rich photographs and finely wrought
essays (and even some family recipes) by each member of the trio.
The book, The Music of Veretski Pass, is the music of the record
transcribed by Cookie with a forward by Josh. It is available for $20
plus $2.50 (in the US) shipping You can contact us through our website
(, click on BOOK, to find out how to purchase (
where to send the check or money order).