Upto Here | From Here CD Release

Vocalist Ayelet Rose Gottlieb releases third album Upto Here | From Here
In stores in USA/Canada and digitally worldwide.
This review came to the JMWC:
With her third full-length album, Israeli-born
Ayelet Rose Gottlieb has elevated to a rarefied level of artistry. On the new album, Upto Here | From
Here, released August 11 on Arogole Records imprint and distributed through ObliqSound, Gottlieb pulls the art
of jazz singing out of its safety zone and infuses it with new possibilities,
exploring the human voice in a way that few contemporary singers can or will. And
Gottlieb does so seemingly nonchalantly, with the panache and authority of an artist
who has been making records for decades, not a mere handful of years.

“Unlike so many singers around her, she explores the textures and styles that her
voice can produce. She is an instrumentalist on par with any other and a fully
integrated member of her band,” notes Andrey Henkin, editor of All About Jazz, in
the album’s liner notes. Upto Here | From Here features a cast of musicians with
whom Gottlieb has worked since 2002, some of the most skilled and visionary players
the New York jazz scene has to offer:
Loren Stillman (saxophone),
fellow Israelis Avishai Cohen (trumpet) and Anat Fort (piano),
Ed Schuller (bass)
and the late Take Toriyama (drums), who passed away in 2007.

Gottlieb’s earlier recordings–the
avant-garde-oriented debut InTernal ExTernal (Genevieve, 2004) and Mayim Rabim
(Tzadik, 2006), an original song cycle based on the erotic biblical love poem “Song
of Songs” and sung entirely in Hebrew–established Gottlieb as an adventurous, even
audacious performer.

Upto Here | From Here, co-produced by Gottlieb and her husband Shahar Levavi, makes it
even clearer that Gottlieb is a commanding artist who thrives on
the unexpected: Her improvisational acumen is second to none, her confidence as a
leader and her range defy description, and her artistic inquisitiveness
spurs her to outdo herself each time out.